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Barbara Stitzer Photography
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My wedding was the most amazing, wonderful, beautiful, surreal day of my life, but you'd never know it because my wedding photographer was my biggest nightmare. He took the pictures on his shot list, no more, no less, it was like he didn't care that all of these little moments were happing all around him, and the pictures showed it. So my personal project is to make sure that no one has to ever feel disappointed when seeing their wedding pictures again.

At Barbara Stitzer Photography, I want to show YOU, the two of you, how you relate to each other, what made the two of you fall in love, what makes you different, how you're the same. I am totally committed to you, before, during and after the wedding, and as a result, have numerous clients that I still photograph after 16 years.

I have probably seen everything that has ever happened at an event, so I am prepared for anything, and even when I'm looking one way, I'm aware of every single thing around me, and can whip around and shoot it on a dime. It's so much fun when my brides say, "I didn't even know that that was happening!!"

Of course, you would imagine that any photographer can take a picture that's in focus. I think what makes me different from everyone else is my eye, my expertise, and my ability, whether through traditional portraits or photojournalistic shots or a mixture of both, to bring out the magic between the two of you and your friends and families, to find the little details and photograph them, to be there when you need me, and to step back when you don't.

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